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The Urban Kitchen Table

What EVERYTHING is all about in the end

Hypertension (high blood pressure), type-2 diabetes ("Sugar"), and obesity: know of anyone suffering? Research shows these diseases are prevalent in food deserts, defined as areas with limited or no access to affordable, nutritious food. Often these neighborhoods are low-income, minority areas that have limited access to their own transportation. Lack of nutritious foods, teamed with minimal knowledge on healthy eating and limited transportation, is a recipe for disaster. 

Starting in 2019, our nonprofit, The Urban Kitchen Table, aims to turn food deserts into food oases by providing education about, and access to, affordable and nutritious foods. Beginning in Charlotte, NC, we will provide several services in a food desert area, to include cooking classes, meals and career readiness. Our goal is to use this as a model to then duplicate in other cities across the country. 

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