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"I've been to 2 classes offered through our wellness program at work. The classes were engaging and fun; and the recipes were delicious and easy to follow! I have been able to recreate several recipes at home, and have enjoyed them. One was something I never would have cooked if I couldn't have tasted it in class. I would highly recommend Chef Cordell." -Robyn N., Durham, NC


Your employees are EVERYTHING in your business. Why not invest in their well-being? Studies show healthier employees generally take less time off work, can be more productive and help lower the employers’ insurance premiums.

Our “Lunch & Learn” cooking classes teach employees practical recipes, cooking techniques and nutritional information to produce healthy & tasty meals at home! Recipes focus on reducing risks of health-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes type-2 and hypertension. We provide positive strategies to help your staff meet and reach their nutritional and wellness goals. And, by coming to your office (or another location of your company’s choice), this program is both fun and convenient.

Food samples are included. Classes are customized to best fit your organization’s needs. A typical wellness package include several of these classes: 

· Cooking on a budget 

· Menu planning: Cooking for the week 

· Foods to reduce stress 

· 7 ingredients or less 

· 30-minute meals 

· Heart healthy meals 

· Carbs: Low, mo' or no? 

· Lose weight the healthy way 

· Cooking with diabetes


"Just awesome. He is very passionate about what he does. Because of that, you will receive a lot of answers for questions you didn't even ask!!! Very very resourceful. Truly enjoyed his enthusiasm, drive, personality, and passion of cooking and eating healthy. I learned some new tricks and tips." -D. Brown, Springdale, SC 

Single sessions are $849 for 20 participants (maximum of 40 per session for samples). Discount pricing for multiple sessions & the 8-core sessions package is available.  

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We look forward to giving your staff the education they need today to build a healthier tomorrow.