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"Cordell is one of the most talented and knowledgeable chefs that you will ever work with! He is extremely of his best culinary traits is his commitment to serving healthy meals and teaching others the value of a better diet without sacrificing flavor or enjoyment. So when he says 'eating well with Chef Cordell', he truly means it!"  -B. Perkins, Greensboro, NC

We assist schools by providing healthy meal instruction and sanitation training through services that include:

HEALTHY SCHOOL MEALS TRAINING (Menu & Recipe development)

A significant portion of a child's day is spent at school. Several studies suggest that healthy nutrition radically improves students' academic achievement and cognitive function. We will provide your Food Service Manager & staff with menu and recipe training that can help produce healthy bodies and healthy minds!


Every cafeteria needs at least one certified food service manager on hand at all times. It's also a great practice to certify most, if not all, employees who will be working with food, at least as a food handler. By equipping your employees with more knowledge regarding proper sanitation, hazards and other food-related subjects, you improve the of safety of all products leaving the kitchen, while also increasing your health inspection scores.  

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We look forward to giving your staff the education they need today to build a healthier tomorrow. 

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