" He brought a strong knowledge of kitchen operations, in addition to his fine instructional skills and his knowledge. He stepped in and connected right away, brought a strong knowledge of healthy eating, introducing his apprentices immediately to recipes that utilized fresh and nutritious ingredients. There is no question that he made a very positive impact." -M. Hannan, Chicago, IL 

We assist restaurants and food operations in several ways to help it run efficiently and profitably, with services including:


Involving research, recipe development and documentation, vendor selection, menu cost and pricing, design and more, we ensure that the menu for your establishment best fits your goals of profitability and uniqueness. 


What the foodservice operation owner BELIEVES is going on inside the business versus what is ACTUALLY going on behind his or her back can be two different things. It is extremely important to have a REAL inside look at the way things are being done, why there are food complaints, health issues, etc. As your set of "eyes", I will work alongside your employees (under the guise of a "new hire") for a few weeks to identify the problems. Among several things, common issues found have been:

  • Drug use
  • Food abuse 
  • Theft
  • Supply & material waste
  • Employee abuse
  • Sexual harassment 

Following the result of the investigation, you'll be given suggestions of the next action steps to take. We would then come back and clean up, train your employees, hire replacements and pick up the slack where needed, until things are back on track. 


With "consistency" being the name of the game, Standard Operating Procedures provide a way to apply consistent practices and standards throughout your operation. It also helps lower training costs, save time and reduce mistakes. 


Every food service establishment needs at least one certified food service manager on hand at all times. It's also a great practice to certify most, if not all, employees who will be working with food, at least as a food handler. By equipping your employees with more knowledge regarding proper sanitation, hazards and other food-related subjects, you improve the of safety of all products leaving the kitchen, while also increasing your health inspection scores.