Girls Night IN

Even though some of us don't like to admit it, we're too old to stand in the line (or be) at the club. Call up your girls, bring the drinks, and enjoy the party at home! From party appetizers, regional cuisine, to basic skills, this 2+ hour class will take your tastebuds to France, the Caribbean, and beyond! 

Couples Classes

Tired of the typical date?  Looking to "spice up" your relationship?  Get together a few of your favorite couples, and let's get it ON in your kitchen (you know what I mean). From Aphrodisiac foods to regional cuisine, start the evening right and it might get things cooking later...Enjoy each other's company while preparing a gourmet 3-course meal!

This is the part where you start planning a cool event at your house. Let's turn this motha out.

At Home Cooking Parties are a FUN way to enjoy great food and friends, while cooking flavorful dishes, in the comfort of your own (or friend's) home! Let's get together and have some fun, shall we? To schedule your cooking party, email us at or call (980) 858-CHEF(2433).